About Us

We purchased our little piece of paradise in August 2008, the property came with 17 mixed aged and mixed breed ewes, mainly consisting of woolly crossed ewes.  When we decided to get some more stock for the property, we took the pludge and purchased (from trademe) a small number of crossbred dorper ewes with lambs at foot ... our farming advisor (who had over 40 years experience) thought we were nuts buying these coloured sheep.  We were so impressed with the growth rates of the lambs (and so was he) that we quickly changed our flock to a mixture of unregistered crossbred and full bred dorpers.  

In December 2009, we attended the NZ Dorper Breed Society's North Island Dorper Sale in Feilding.  We purchased one 2007 ram and two 2008 ewes lambs.  The Ram came from MFC (MFC 07/56) and has excellent feet.  The following season we used the ram over our flock (including both crossbred ewes and pure ewes), our passion for dorpers grew from here.  

The first season we sold several lambs as pet day lambs to young families whose children wanted a lamb that was different than your normal white lamb, this trend has continued over the next two years.

We joined the NZ Sheep Breeders Association as Dorper Stud Breeders in late November 2010 with a total of two animals, one ewe and one ram.  

In December 2010 we purchased the only six black-headed dorper ewes at the NZ North Island Dorper sale in Feilding, this is an annual event.   We also met Bill Lott from Sunnyvale and he advised us that he had some semen available for sale from a top sire from Kaya Dorpers in Australia (http://www.kayadorper.com.au/).

Since them we have purchased an additional 54 ewes, these were from Hamilton Dorpers (34), from Dorper Lodge (nine ewe lambs), from Pewai Stud (four) and the final seven ewes came from MFC.  We would like to thank Neal Hamilton as he was very obliging and offered us a high number of top quality hogget ewes and plenty of free advice.

We have continued to stretch ourselves and in January 2011 we started enquirying about Artificial Insemination and made contact with Ross Edwards from Premier Breeding Services.  On the 16 March 2011 Ross AI'ed 24 ewes (including 19 hoggets).  You can see the procedure under our gallery.  Two different semens were used, both from Australia, the sires are Kaya 090061 (supplied by Bill Lott from Sunnyvale) and Amarula 040632 (supplied by Pewai).  These ewes are due on 7 August 2011.

The remaining 37 ewes have been running with our ram, which was purchased from MFC as stated above.

Our plan for this year is to have a successful lambing season, we are working on increasing our numbers and are unsure what ewe lambs will be for sale.  Our goal is to have good solid ewes with sound feet, we are not afraid to cull if the ewe continues to have feet problem and believe that this is necessary to stomp out the feet problems that exist with this breed in New Zealand at this time.

We are always looking for additional stock, so if there are any breeder/s out there wanting to sell good quality pure ewes give us a call.


Our aspirational goals include:


Current Goals

  • use and learn as much as possible from all available sources and keep an open mind

  • provide customers with the best stock available within their budget and quality stock available at that time

  • to try and introduce new bloodlines into the country every year.

    Aims in the Next Five Years

  • have/bred over 100 breeding ewes of type 4 and 5 into our flock

  • all stock to be resistance to foot scald and footrot

    Long Term Goals (ambitions)

  • be the 1st stop for all dorper purchases in NZ

  • expand the business to the level that meets all the dorper market demand in New Zealand